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 Surfactant series >> 1. Levelling agent O

Levelling agent O
【Congeneric product name 】PINGPINGJIA O-25, X-102

【Chemical components】fatty alcohol and ethylene oxide condensation compound


【H L B value】16~17(theoretical value, only for reference)

【Technical index】
appearance: white plate
color: ≤30, Pt-Co
PH value: 5.5~7.0(1% aqueous solution)
cloud point: 91.0~96.0℃
LSDR: ≥30.0g
moisture: ≤1.0%

【Properties and application】
In printing and dyeing industry, used as leveling agent of direct dye, vat dyes, acid dyes, dispersing dyes and cationic dyes; used as dispersing agent and stripping agent;
In metal processing, used as detergent;
In glass fiber industry, used as emulsifying agent;
In common industry, used as o/w emulsifying agent;
In agriculture industry, used as penetrant;

【Packaging and storage】
20kg woven bag
non-toxic, store and transport as chemical chemicals; in ventilated and dry place
Expiration date: 2 year

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