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About us

Nantong Rui Tai Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, has been committed to surfactants, polyurethane, construction chemicals sales. After years of development of the company has a sound procurement system and supporting the logistics and transport, and many large domestic surfactants, polyether manufacturers have close cooperation.

2018 Company in order to more stable foothold in the market, service to customers, the company launched a "one-stop procurement order" service. Nantong Rui Tai Chemical Co., Ltd. invested a lot of manpower and material resources, equipped with a sound technical tracking team, network services team, logistics distribution team, and a large number of surfactants supply manufacturers, many domestic large-scale surfactant manufacturers to reach strategic cooperation for downstream customers to take customized services, Allow customers to enjoy the major manufacturers at home the price of agents. At the same time the company has a first-class technical inspection team and improve the quality assurance system, welcome to inquire!

Nantong Rui Tai Chemical industry to "excellent quality", "preferential prices", "first-class service" wholeheartedly welcome your cooperation.